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About Us

Goshu Wagyu was founded in 1996 by Barbara Benjamin, one of Australia’s industry pioneers of Wagyu breeding. Barbara had specialised in breeding high Tajima content Wagyu cattle which are renowned for their high consistent marbling and identified for their smaller frame stature. Barbara invested more than 20 years adapting wagyu genetics and building a herd that would be impossible to replicate today.

Today, Goshu Wagyu is located in Shamrock Vale Stations own hidden valley in the Scenic Rim, South East Queensland. This historic Station’s 5200 acres has been renowned for its fertile land and grazing since 1875.

Goshu Wagyu continues to supply Fullblood Wagyu bulls and semen specialising in the breeding of high impacting Tajima Wagyu genetics.


To retain Barbara’s Legacy of Breeding pure Tajima Bulls and continue to develop our internal genetic and external sales program.

To be a cornerstone provider of genetics to the Australian and International Wagyu Industry of the pure Tajima line.

Our Breeding

Goshu Wagyu females are direct descendants of the most famous bull in Japan, Taijiri, born to Fukue-Go in 1939. Taijiri is recognised for producing Wagyu with an outstanding excellence of meat and finely marbled beef.

Using the Japanese approach to breeding cattle, Goshu Wagyu focus on the female line as it has a greater influence on the marbling than the bull.
Goshu Wagyu bulls are sold to commercial producers who often cross them with Angus cows.

We are gnomically testing, recording and analysing the data from our wagyu and identifying our top producers to then confirm our elite cows so we can focus on that top 10 percent.

OUR Success

Goshu Wagyu’s Collaboration with Clients have been recognised with the following awards:

• 2015 – “Worlds Best Steak Producer” – Sired by our own Goshu Yasuzane

• 2016 – Worlds Best Steak Producer” – Sired by our own Goshu Yasuzane

• 2017 “World’s Best Fillet Steak” – Sired by our own Goshu Yasuzane